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English ver.

CityScan.ru in English (thanx to google!)
Nice to see you here! My name is Albert.

It is rather not easy to keep this site running in two languages! As you may guess I have pretty advanced site with russian content and rather poor with English. In order to see all the stuff at cityscan.ru in english, please use online translate service like Babelfish by Altavista.com.

I also recommend Translate.ru... Having two english versions at hand should give you the finest result! :) However online translating should be much better than your russian. :)

What is CityScan? (short explantion):
I've started this project from historical point of view. I wanted to fix on the image every historical building of St.Petersburg. That is why it has "City Scan" and "The human photo scanner" name. There is no art meaning for those "photo scanner" pictures, but historical concept.

If you like to see my portfolio as a photographer, visit this page:
Photo Portfolio

My portfolio also includes series of photos:
-City Walls-
-City Mirrors-
-Sea City-

Should you like to be informed about updates or opening of full english version, please do not hesitate to ask me to be in touch with you.

I have a kind of photo diary (in russian) - you may like to see what is there as well. :)

I hope you are going to like it!

with love,


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