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-SPb guide Olga Stepanova with cameraman -

Who am I?

My name is Albert
I am 34 y.o.

My email:


Why do you need my video shooting?

It is absolutely clear that every tourist from any country is fully equipped with all kinds of cameras and camcorders, but do you really mind to have someone shooting all of you incl. yourself? Read and think.

In case of such my video-stenography, you'll get rid of the following typical things:

  1. Get rid of permanent thinking! I have to shoot this?
    ...should I keep my camera on, or off? I have enough tape left?
    ...are my batteries alive?
    ...should I listen to the guide or should I keep shooting more?
    Just relax, enjoy your trip and respect yourself

  2. Get rid of the problems!
    ... is there anyone, who can take a picture of all of my family together? (Albert is here, just ask! it's free!)
    ... I am rather new/amateur to all these camcorders, so I am not sure I'll get a good results. :-(
    ... I can take photographs, but someone should be able to make video recording and cary the cam.
    ... I do not have any camcorders.

  3. Get real, natural looking records!
    I'll be like an invisible man. All you need is just to look arround widely (not via viewfinder), memorise your feelings, listen to the tour guide, have your hands free etc... I'll be near. I will fix on the video tape your every feeling, your every emotion!
Why me?

I graduated Cinema Movie Engineering University in 1992 with diploma of video engineer.

I am Russian with fluent English and colloquial Czech. I know St. Petersburg very well. I love my city and hope it should become the WORLD'S NUMBER ONE CITY to visit and see.

I offer only high-quality digital (Digital-8 by Sony) video shooting with stereo PCM sound and computer non-linear editing.

You get from me the source video (could be hours) and finally edited video-clip (normally 1/3rd of the source video) with transition effects, titles, sound tracks etc. It is going to be really romantic and funny, or even reporting-like MOVIE. You'll be completely satisfied! Your fiends will be definitely bursting with envy! :-)

You probably know very well how it is boring, some times, to watch hours of "shaky-&-zoomy" home video keeping finger on forward/rewind buttons and telling your friends "There is must be another funny moment, but let me forward-rewind it first"?

Go digital!

In the end I can offer source video and/or edited video clip in the following formats:

Sony "Digital-8" tape - looks similar to audio tape
max. 60 min
Broadcast quality with almost 500 lines vertical resolution (e.g. standart VHS has little more than 200 lines) PAL standart.
DVD media (you can play it on computer's DVD drive and most home DVD players)
max. 90 min
real DVD quality with 720x576 pixels resolution. PAL standart. This media will be readable by 90% of curently selling (modern) DVD players with exeption of "old" models manufactured before 2000, especially JVC brands. All modern DVD players are supporting both PAL and NTSC standarts. So it doesn't matter.
CD-ROM media in DVD format (MPEG-2) - you can play it only on PC with regular CD-ROM drive
max. 15 min
real DVD quality with 720x576 pixels resolution.
CD-ROM media in Video CD format (MPEG-1) - you can play it on computer and most home video CD players
approx. 60 min
VHS quality with 320x288 pixels resolution.
VHS tape indeed
up to 240 min
classic VHS quality

To record video to any of the media mentioned above (except VHS) takes quite a time due to high computer's processor and time consumption. Normally it takes 3-4 days.

Prices and terms.

1. I charge only $15 per hour for my video-shooting work.
For instance: you have a walking tour or tour of the city and take me with you. I work 5 hours with you ($75) and create roughly 90-120 (could be more or less, it depends) minutes of source video. You pay me $75 for work and $10 per each 60 min. digital video tape I've used. I give you all the video I did and go home. That is it.

2. If you like to get full service and have an edited video clip I charge extra $299 for editing of maximum 2 hours video source. As a result you will have 15-30 min profesionally looking video clip of the only best moments and situations! This job takes 2-3 days. If you decide to have a full service from the very beginnig you get a 5% discount!

3. Recording to DVD or CD media costs $50 per each hour and takes approx. 3-4 days (grabbing, converting, recording). Recording to VHS the same day for $5 + tape price.

4. If you leave St.Petersburg before I finish working with your video - don't worry! Final materials I will send you for sure by UPS or DHL. I do not need them.

5. And remember - having video on digital media affording you lossless copying and long time storing!

You can download video-sample here.
(2.1 Mb; duration 170 sec.; resolution 320x240; 15 fps; mono)

If you have fast internet connection it is much better to download the sample in MPEG video-CD format with stereo sound. Click here
(28,3 Mb; duration 170sec; resolution 352x288; 25 fps; stereo CD quality)

Should you have any comments or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me .



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